Friday, February 20, 2009

When the mommy is away the boys will.........

Totally make over the house. Yah I know. How did I luck out on this...lets start at the beginning...

I was going to Vegas for work from Sun-Wed, so Daddy decides he's just going to take the whole week off to take care of the kids and paint while I was gone. However this involved a bit of work, this meant that the boys were moving rooms (they moved to the office/dungeon because it had a larger closet and since they were sharing a room, I thought they should have more space than the 1 child who will be in their old room which is coincidentally about 6" closer to our room than theirs) approximately 4-6 weeks before I had really "planned" for them to in my head.

We had to:
*Clean out the office/dungeon (I called it the dungeon because it was where we would stash things if we didn't know where they went or we needed to hide them when people were coming over). And don't worry we didn't lose an office truly as Daddy had already converted our walk in closet into a pseudo office last year (after we purchased new wardrobes that line one wall in our room...don't worry...this girl didn't give up her closet!) and this was just the final installment...truly moving everything over.
*Pick out paint
*Pick out carpet
*Pick out fabric for the baby's bedding before I could pick out paint for her room

I annoyed the crap out of my mother and husband by sending them links to fabrics for days and days on end. I finally picked out fabric and purchased it without I think ever even showing it to Larry....I fell in love and he told me to pick what I I did!

Picture is from yesterday when the fabric arrived...I'm just as much in love as when I bought it and I'm excited to get started!

I also said I would NEVER paint my girl's room pink. I was going to paint it orange (which would have worked but I was worried about what did I do?!?!?!?)

Yeah I picked out PINK...the actual name of it is Valentine Pink and is shockingly similar to the color of the Pepto Bismal in my bathroom. Even more shocking. I freaking LOVE IT. It looks really nice with the fabric and once we get everything in there it probably wont be as ummmm...shockingly pink.

The boys room is practically the same color as their old room but not to be left is a photo of their room.

They are pretty excited about their new room and this means that we can start working on getting Littler Big Brother to STAY IN HIS OWN BED all night. Biggest Big Brother is pretty good about going to sleep and staying asleep and VERY rarely comes to our room until the morning. But the other one...that kid has VERY rarely STAYED in his own bed. My expanding stomach is not really working well with him wanting to snuggle with us (which is interesting since he is basically the same size as Jackson was when I was pregnant with him...just 2 years difference in age...don't ask me, Quinten is just his own size).

Anyway...the hallway looks great but its not very interesting thus no pic. The bathroom was done as well but is...ummm...a bit more neon than I expected and will more than likely be repainted...I'm trying to let it set for a few days before I do anything drastic!

So that's what happened in my house while I was away. On a side note I went to the doctor today for a regular check up and the baby is great...and definitely still a she! (Thank goodness since Daddy has already painted her room pink!)

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Josanne said...

The boys did a great job! And I can relate to the "shockingly pink" color-I once painted my bathroom a "mauve" on bottom and "green" on top---it looked like tropical fish should be the theme, but fortunately, once I added the floral wallpaper border, it was GORGEOUS! So I'm sure yours will be too!