Thursday, January 21, 2010

Incredibly proud of my husband....

I just had to say that I am incredibly proud of my husband. When our daughter was born in July, I think he was at his all time high for weight (possibly due to indulging in all of my cravings with me!)...but where as I gained weight while I was pregnant...I had the benefit of dropping a bunch of weight in just a matter of a few minutes...he didnt.

Between Calia's birth and the beginning of January he lost 25 lbs!!!! He is now nearly at 30 lbs loss. Whats his secret? Changing the way he ate and he has been working out like a maniac.

I am working my way down too. Since December 29th, I have lost 11 lbs. It may sound like it was extremely fast, but by changing the way I ate as well as trying to get in a little exercise every day, its totally feasible...think about those people on The Biggest Loser who lose 20+ pounds in a week.

Anyway...I'm not trying to brag...but I'm on my way down and I NEVER want to see that 3-digit number I just passed up EVER again (unless its in monetary form with my name on it!).

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our cute kids.... (and a shout out to our favorite photog)

We have been blessed with these amazing kids.
Jackson turns 7 this year (SEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) he is this amazing smart little man. He is so much like his daddy (but a little like me too). He has definitely inherited our love of reading. He is about 3/4 of the way through the 2nd book in the fudge series. He started the series around Christmas time. According to his teacher there are 18 "levels" that they like the kids to be through by the end of the school year, and he is at level 17 of 18. He got straight A's for his 2nd 9 weeks of school and is doing great. We loved having him home for Christmas break, but we were ALL ready for him to go back.
Quinten is our little comedian...on his way to being a class clown once he gets to school (and may I add, that is the goal for the year...get this kid into school!) . He has this charm that is both frustrating yet it invites you in. You can't help but love this kid. They say God never gives you more than you can handle, yet sometimes...I wonder.
Calia is our sweetheart. She is very particular as we like to say, she expects to be held a specific way. And daddy can hold her one way and she is frustrated and I do the same exact thing and she is happy as a clam. She is working on sitting up without toppling over and loves to bounce. She loves for Jackson to hold her and he is really great at helping with her. Quinn makes her laugh and is her fun time go-to guy.
We could not have asked for better kids.
(Shout out to our favorite photog, Tony of MA Photography for this fab pic of all 5 of us!)
I can blog from my phone? So says Blogger.

Happy New Year...guess what....

I'm fat.

The wiifit told me so.

What do I plan to do about it? Not really sure. I am not really the diet type, plus I'm nursing. So what are my options?