Thursday, October 30, 2008

So just to update....

Good ole, Rob from TireBarn called me today (after I made DH call because they really did NOT want to talk to me). Turns out their supplier DID in fact receive my new rim today...but the box was crushed...hence the wheel was bent up...and I cant get it fixed YET AGAIN today.

They said tomorrow...for sure.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Check out a place for you to NOT go....

Seriously, the Tire Barn in Camby, IN...WORTHLESS. Last week I realized something was wrong with my car...of course...I thought it was something simple...nope. Larry goes to drive away to see if he FIXED it...and I see the driver's side wheel wobbling like its about to fall off. So I go running after him screaming and we look to see that 2 of the 5 lugnuts are MISSING. I cry. The kids and I were in that car. We could have been hurt...someone else could have been hurt...if not worse.

So we call my mom who calls her AAA service to come help us. We start talking to the guy and he finds out where we got the last work done on that area... you guessed it...Tire Barn...he says that he knows others who had problem with that specific Tire Barn and we should take it there. So we tow it there. Find out that the other 3 lugnuts on the tire are compromised in some way or another and they have to replace the rim. They put it on a donut and promise us a new wheel (rim) on Friday. So on Friday...I call and they say they wont be able to get it then, but they will definitely have it on Monday. On Saturday we go and pick it up just to have in case we need it.

So, I call on doesnt look like they are going to receive it on Monday after all, but they will definitely have it on Tuesday. So Tuesday morning I call, and they say that they hadnt got it yet but that they would call me the second it came in. I gave up at a quarter till 3 and guessed it THEY DONT HAVE IT. Its on a UPS truck *somewhere* and they wont get it till 10 or 11 or whenever TOMORROW (Wednesday) if they hold true to that (ha!) it will be nearly 6 FULL DAYS since I had the problem.

6 days of not being able to drive my car (or when I had it on the donut...not above 40 mph). The kicker...they haven't said "Sorry" ONCE...not once for the tire not getting there not once for the situation they have put me in. I'm sick...I need to be saving all of my voice that I have for yelling at my kids to pick the toys up off the floor (what I'm doing as I type...hey its his fault he pulled EVERY SINGLE TOY out of the toy box...if I was a funny girl...I'd take a picture...but I'm too mad right now). I dont need to be wasting the time nor my voice on these people.

The saga continues...will I or will I NOT get a tire tomorrow? Only time will tell!

Ohhh...and ETA...the pics my husband took.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Please just stop touching me...

I just dont get it, why must the children touch you ALL.DAY.LONG? He spent nearly 9 months inside me...the next nearly 2 years attached at the boob...WHY CANT HE JUST DO SOMETHING BY HIMSELF?!?!?!?!?!??

This morning he has climbed on me, sat on me, stole my diet dr. pepper, sat on me, stole my breakfast, stole my lunch, sat on me, climbed on me, been in the sling, hung on me.....





Seriously kid, go build a tower, go terrorize the dog...

I realize that one day I will miss the day when he's not so sweet and into his mommy, its just not that day today. All I want is a shower (we are going out to dinner with actual adults and actual adult restaurant) ....which means I need to put UP my ipod, turn on some mind numbing Sponge Bob and hope for the best.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trick or Treat?

I always meant for this to be a CRAFTY blog...but maybe I'm not as crafty as I thought I was!!!??!?!? None the less, I have something crafty to post! Q's Halloween Costume!

Yep he was an orange Ipod...its what he wanted to be!

And how can I post without posting my handsome Superman?

And what is the trick you ask?

My fake preggo belly of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Officially a parent...

And not just any kind of parent...I'm one who would do rediculous things for her kids. For example, last 10:45 I left my house to drive to a movie theater (only like 10 minutes away...but still) to go buy 7 (yes you read right...SEVEN) tickets to High School Musical 3. Here's the 2 boys, myself, my sister, my friend Nichole, her daughter Hailey, and her little brother Tanner. We are taking 3 - 5 year olds and 1 - 3 year old to see a movie! Good lord I think we might be nuts!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gorgeous quilt....for free.....

You can win this gorgeous quilt!

I'm leaving....on a jet plane....

I'm leaving on a jet plane....dont know when i'll be back again....

Okay thats a lie. I will be back on Sunday. I'm off to LA for the Mom2Be Tradeshow. Should be a good time, I've enjoyed all the shows we've gone to. I will miss the boys (all of them) but I'm sort of looking forward to the break. Q has been a holy TERROR the last few days...and J WILL.NOT.SLEEP until like he spends like 2.5 hours going to the bathroom every 7 minutes. It is SO annoying! I say I'm looking forward...but dont worry...I'll be missing them midday Friday.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I dont know who told him that we needed another baby....

I dont know who is feeding this boy (Quinten) with the thoughts that we need another baby...but he's convinced there's one in there (...believe me...its currently unoccupied!).

So yesterday, we went to the Indiana Hand Center to get my wrist looked at (I've had problems before-2 ganglian was bothering me, so the Husband convinced me to call and get seen-its something to do with my ulnar nerve being irritated...will update when I know more) and we were in the lobby and he is being a 3 year old boy, asking peoples names, etc. Seriously this kid needs to know everyone's name, their kids names, their brothers names, where their mom is...but he wont ask, I have to ask. After he finds out their name, he will tell them his full name. Most people are quite entertained by him needing to know all their personal information...its wearing on me.

I tell him to shush...he asks where we are (like we didnt have this discussion already)...I said "We are at Mommy's doctor" and he says VERY loudly "We are getting a baby!?!?!??" and I say no its not that kind of doctor and mommy doesnt have a baby in there...and he in such a serious little face says, "Yes you do, its baby Jesus!"

I only made him sing it 3x today...

Tonight the husband and I went and had this AWESOME dinner at The Melting was 80's night...all the staff was dressed up...the price was was awesome. We came home and Mimi had put the boys to bed...Super Q was conked out on the couch, but J was still up. I gave him hugs, kisses, and snuggles like I do every night...I assumed he'd go to sleep. Nope....that little boy was up nearly 45 mins later...he asked if he could sing me a could I resist that?

He told me that Ms. Scott (the student teacher) had been the one to teach them this song (maybe I can figure out how to video tape it and put it up on youtube--cause the little actions that go with it are priceless). It went something like this...

I'm gonna wrap myself in paper
I'm gonna dab myself with glue
Stick some stamps up on my head
I'm gonna mail myself to you

So cute...I made him sing it 3x before he went to bed. I mean seriously HOW am I expected to pass that up?!?!!!??!?!!?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Spare Change...

I am participating in a swap at Chickpea Studio called Spare Change. We are sending in 24 5x5 squares to swap...I'm pretty psyched to do this cause I cant wait to make a quilt for myself. I dont make a lot of stuff for now I have to find the PERFECT fabric to send to shop!