Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I dont know who told him that we needed another baby....

I dont know who is feeding this boy (Quinten) with the thoughts that we need another baby...but he's convinced there's one in there (...believe me...its currently unoccupied!).

So yesterday, we went to the Indiana Hand Center to get my wrist looked at (I've had problems before-2 ganglian was bothering me, so the Husband convinced me to call and get seen-its something to do with my ulnar nerve being irritated...will update when I know more) and we were in the lobby and he is being a 3 year old boy, asking peoples names, etc. Seriously this kid needs to know everyone's name, their kids names, their brothers names, where their mom is...but he wont ask, I have to ask. After he finds out their name, he will tell them his full name. Most people are quite entertained by him needing to know all their personal information...its wearing on me.

I tell him to shush...he asks where we are (like we didnt have this discussion already)...I said "We are at Mommy's doctor" and he says VERY loudly "We are getting a baby!?!?!??" and I say no its not that kind of doctor and mommy doesnt have a baby in there...and he in such a serious little face says, "Yes you do, its baby Jesus!"

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