Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Check out a place for you to NOT go....

Seriously, the Tire Barn in Camby, IN...WORTHLESS. Last week I realized something was wrong with my car...of course...I thought it was something simple...nope. Larry goes to drive away to see if he FIXED it...and I see the driver's side wheel wobbling like its about to fall off. So I go running after him screaming and we look to see that 2 of the 5 lugnuts are MISSING. I cry. The kids and I were in that car. We could have been hurt...someone else could have been hurt...if not worse.

So we call my mom who calls her AAA service to come help us. We start talking to the guy and he finds out where we got the last work done on that area... you guessed it...Tire Barn...he says that he knows others who had problem with that specific Tire Barn and we should take it there. So we tow it there. Find out that the other 3 lugnuts on the tire are compromised in some way or another and they have to replace the rim. They put it on a donut and promise us a new wheel (rim) on Friday. So on Friday...I call and they say they wont be able to get it then, but they will definitely have it on Monday. On Saturday we go and pick it up just to have in case we need it.

So, I call on Monday...well....it doesnt look like they are going to receive it on Monday after all, but they will definitely have it on Tuesday. So Tuesday morning I call, and they say that they hadnt got it yet but that they would call me the second it came in. I gave up at a quarter till 3 and called....yep...you guessed it THEY DONT HAVE IT. Its on a UPS truck *somewhere* and they wont get it till 10 or 11 or whenever TOMORROW (Wednesday)....so if they hold true to that (ha!) it will be nearly 6 FULL DAYS since I had the problem.

6 days of not being able to drive my car (or when I had it on the donut...not above 40 mph). The kicker...they haven't said "Sorry" ONCE...not once for the tire not getting there not once for the situation they have put me in. I'm sick...I need to be saving all of my voice that I have for yelling at my kids to pick the toys up off the floor (what I'm doing as I type...hey its his fault he pulled EVERY SINGLE TOY out of the toy box...if I was a funny girl...I'd take a picture...but I'm too mad right now). I dont need to be wasting the time nor my voice on these people.

The saga continues...will I or will I NOT get a tire tomorrow? Only time will tell!

Ohhh...and ETA...the pics my husband took.

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LC said...

That is what happens when dipshits cross-thread lugnuts onto wheelstuds. You should go on my facebook page and add the pictures of their screwup