Thursday, September 25, 2008

He went straight from a man

My first son, god bless him, is still a boy. He runs and plays, but he is still a boy-he always comes home to mama. The other one...he went straight from baby to man. Actually I'm pretty sure that he makes this change daily. Sometimes he's the sweetest little baby...and then...the man. He burps (on command no less!) and stares at girls. He doesnt listen to me...he does things just to spite me. He's 3!!!!!!! We've said a thousand times, the 2nd one is the devil...and I mean it. I never thought I'd love the devil this much.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My mom always said....

My mom always said that I should write down all the things my kids say. She says I could write a book based on that. Where would I find the time? Jackson is getting so smart that sometimes I wish those backwards funny little sayings (jack-isms) would come back. But to the rescue is Quinn...he is FULL of chubba-isms. And sometimes he's so logical. More to come...I swear.

Oh dear, long lost blog...

Dear blog,

It's not that I've FORGOTTEN you...I've just been busy. You are like an old friend...I know you are here...and willing to welcome me with open arms. I do want to talk to you every day. I promise. I will do my best.

Lovingly yours,