Monday, February 23, 2009

Scarlet Fever....and my confirmed J-O-B

As in...The Velveteen Rabbit scarlet fever. Really? I was pretty sure that was a "thing" of the past. I swear I have NEVER known someone to have scarlet fever. In fact I have said "scarlet fever" more than I can even explain today.

Why you ask?

Because Jackson has SCARLET FEVER (feel free to insert your favorite expletive in between scarlet and fever).

It all started Saturday morning with him being pretty sad and pathetic and not even finishing half of his cream cheese pastry thing at Panera...I thought he felt a little warm and we needed to stop at the store to pick up something anyway, so I got some medicine too for the flu (he was complaining of achy body and wanting to throw up so it made sense to me-picked up something for the achiness). He didnt have a real fever, just above 99 or so.

I went to work that evening and daddy put up with a rising fever, whiny kid, and even a little I was sure it was the flu. He never threw up again...but his fever was up and down and he was sleepy and whiny and just not himself...on one of his guessing 3 baths yesterday (Sunday)-well the last one, I noticed he had a wierd rash ALL OVER HIS TORSO. So I called the on call doctor because we googled the rash (I know shame on us) and one of the things that popped up was 5ths disease which he seemingly had the symptoms of and I knew it was BAD for me to be around being pregnant and all (can cause anemia in the baby). She assured me he probably just had something viral and would be fine.


So this morning I called the doctor's office first thing and got in...what does he have? SCARLET FEVER...which is just scary...but is apparently just strep with a rash...but still SCARLET FEVER.

How do you treat it?

Just plain old antibiotics...I realized at some point today, this is the first time Jackson has EVER been on antibiotics. Pretty good if you ask me...he's 5.5. Antibiotics, a little motrin, and a nap later he was MUCH closer to being my boy and not that little whiny kid he's been all weekend. He MIGHT even get to go to school tomorrow!

So on to the J-O-B...we are at the store waiting for the prescription to get filled and Quinten wants to get down and go do the pick your Dr. Scholl's foot insert machine and I tell him that its only for adults. He says he IS an adult...and I tell him if he's an adult, then he needs to get a JOB....he looks at me with much conviction and says "I AM a job, mama".

Who am I to argue with that?

So I respond "No crap, Sherlock" and he thinks thats funny so he spends the next 2 hours repeating that phrase.

Yes ARE a job and since you dont give kisses any more, I am WAY underpaid.


 Alicia said...

Scarlet fever sounds scary but it's actually pretty common - it comes with strep a lot. I'm taking Sawyer in today, I'm sure he has the same thing. Never a dull moment, eh?

Jenn said...

WOW haven't heard of scarlet fever in a long time, nice to know its treatable and not life threatening.

Your JOB story cracks me up and I know the feeling of having one of the kids follow you around saying things they shouldn't....although inside I laugh about it everytime they do. LOL

renee - twilli pie podegi baby carriers said...

eck! twilli had a fever and the blahs. but thankfully she seems to be recouperating.

I hope he's feeling better!!! :hugs:

I love the JOB story! LOL thanks for sharing. :-)