Sunday, February 1, 2009

hellllo from the middle of no where!

Okay not NO WHERE...but pretty much. My grandma lives in eastern Ohio in a town that has 4 bars-which outnumbers the number of stores, gas stations, and post offices 3. Yep, they have a post office...that's it. So you can guess that there is probably NOTHING nearby.

The boys love seeing their Oma and my little cousins (ages 6 & 11) and even if they do NOTHING they always have fun. I am sitting in here actual peace and quiet because everyone else went to church. I am still dealing with this nasty upper respiratory/cold/yuckiness. It leaves me in coughing episodes that can last 5-20 minutes and that makes my stomach and back muscles HURT. (Which is great when you are trying to grow a baby).

I'm not really looking forward to the 5 hour ride home...but we'll see how well that goes! I need to do a switcheroo with the carseats and hopefully make everyone as comfortable as possible.

Tomorrow we are going to have our big gender determination ultrasound. I have mixed feelings about it, I think I want to know so that I can get ready for the baby...but I also sort of don't want to know. I feel like everyone expects me to have a girl since we have 2 boys and if we end up with a third boy I don't want to feel like I've disappointed practically everyone I know. I know we love the baby no matter what...just definitely walking into it with a bit of trepidation.

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KnittyPhotoMom said...

Jess: no matter what the sex of the baby is, it will be so lucky. your an amazing mother with so much love to give. Look at how handsome your other 2 boys are! Boy would be awesome. Girl would be nice too. But at this point, we all know, babies are such miracles. I am happy for you either way.