Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I cant wait for warm weather!!!

I'm so sick of the COLD...and to make matters worse we didnt even have a ton of snow all winter juts a few days of bad snow...somehow having snow makes it easier on me for the weather to be that cold. but it is SO deceiving to see the outside and it be so nice and sunny out only to be greeted by bitter cold.

Between me being sick with this pregnancy and the cold weather, Quinn NEVER gets to go out and do anything fun during the day. Sure we go to the store and out to lunch on occasion...but we've only been to the museum I think once and havent been to the zoo at all. I cant wait to be able to take him out now that he's talking and understanding so much more than he was in the fall. I want him to be able to do some fun stuff before the baby gets here and Jackson is off of school for the summer.

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