Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oh the time we have spent talking about names....

Well...middle names. Her first name (yes its still pretty much a secret!) was decided long ago. But the middle seems every time we talk about it...the list gets longer. Want a sneak peek?

Elise/Elyse (eh-LEES, Short form of Elizabeth (God is my oath) that is now commonly bestowed as an independent given name)
Juliette (joo-lee-EHT, A French diminutive form of Julie (downy-bearded, youth)
Jayne (JAYN, English cognate of the French Jehanne and Jeanne, which are feminine forms of Jean, a cognate of John (God is gracious). )
Violette (pronunciation up in the air... Vee-oh-let or Vi-oh-let but for sure not Vi-let, From the Old French violette, a diminutive form of viole, which is derived from the Latin viola (a violet). )
Isabelle/Isobel/Isabel (
I-zə-behl, A Spanish variant form of Elisabeth (God is my oath).)
Sienne (See-ehn, not sure of origin or meaning...Larry was the one who suggested it)
Renee (maybe) (
reh-NAY, Feminine form of the French Rene, from the Late Latin Renātus, which is a direct derivative of renātus (reborn, born again).)
Marie (maybe) (mah-REE, French cognate of Mary, which is derived from the Hebrew Miryām, a name of debated meaning. Many believe it to mean "sea of bitterness" or "sea of sorrow." However, some sources cite the alternative definitions of "rebellion," "wished-for child," and "mistress or lady of the sea.")
Ryan/Ryann (RIY-in, From the Irish surname O'Riain (descendant of Rian). Rian is an ancient Irish name believed to be a diminutive form of rí (king): hence, "little king.")

I like them all for different reasons, I think some sound better than others, but I'm not drawn to any one in particular. I'm fine with waiting but I do analyze the names on a regular basis. My thoughts?

Elise/Elyse - Love the name, I think its a bad transition from her first name.
Juliette - Was my original favorite I do still love it, nothing really negative to say about this one
Jayne - People either love it or hate it. It fits well, but dont want to hear "plain Jane" out of anyone!
Violette - Sounds nice, gives her a less used initial like the boys each have, dont want to have to constantly correct people about pronunciation
Isabelle/Isobel/Isabel A name we have both always liked, sort of a weird transition from first name, and its sort of popular

Sienne - Might be nice to not have a name to spell and pronounce for everyone, so this may not be a great option
Renee We dont do family names...and not necessarily a blood family member, but is the middle name of a little girl who is only a year older than babygirl.

Marie See previous discussion about not doing family names, this is my middle name, I hate to use it because it sounds like filler but it still flows really well.
Ryan/Ryann Her first name is VERY girly so a name like this really balance our the girly name.

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